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Exam Tips

The best exam tip is to avoid predictions – there is usually no basis for these guesses so you shouldn’t structure your revision solely around what might come up.

The revision techniques used by almost all successful students are as follows:

  1. Work out how you learn best and focus on that style of study.

  2. Make a revision plan with aims and deadlines and stick to it.

  3. Don’t avoid problem areas and make sure you divide your time properly between each subject.

  4. After you’ve finished a particular tax topic complete a number of practice questions to reinforce what you’ve just learnt.

  5. With particularly difficult or complex areas of tax, break the topic into manageable sections, focus on one section at a time and give it additional attention if necessary. Take your time to visualise the structure and understand how it all fits together. If you’re still having difficulty then you should examine supplementary sources of information or contact your Lecturer or other students.

  6. In the days leading up to the exam, practice past examination questions under exam conditions and read around the subject to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

  7. In most cases the compulsory question carries the highest number of marks so make sure you are prepared for all possible topics in this section – you could be very exposed if you take any chances.

  8. When making your revision plan always give yourself time to go over your notes again just before the exam.

  9. Try not to rely solely on memorisation - although recalling the facts is very important in passing the exam, it is essential that you understand them and how they apply to the exam questions.

  10. Eat healthily, take plenty of exercise and get a good night sleep in the weeks leading up to the exam.


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