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Professional Exams 2018

Qualification: C.P.A.

Subject: Professional 2 - Advanced Taxation

Exam Date: 31st August 2018


Our Revision Course focuses on the main examinable areas, understanding the requirements of each question, answering exam questions in the correct format, time management, undoing bad habits and confidence building.

Our two day revision course centres on the 2017/2018 Educator's Briefing and includes the following:

  • The scope of income tax, CGT and CAT when advising non-resident and/or non-domiciled individuals. Also, the double taxation relief available for Irish resident individuals who own income generating assets abroad.
  • Advising on the taxes applicable and the tax reliefs available in respect of the transfer of a sole trade business during the lifetime of the transferor. That is, the income tax, CGT, CAT (if gift element), stamp duty and VAT implications.
  • Death transfers and tax planning in respect of claiming business property relief and agricultural property relief.
  • Transactions triggering a potential CGT liability to include the disposal of wasting assets, negligible value claims and the sale by an individual of a principle private residence.
  • The taxes associated with discretionary and fixed trusts.
  • The tax implications of a company buying its own shares and the tax reliefs available.
  • How the tax residency of a company is established and the tax treatment of branches and also the double taxation relief available to Irish companies with a taxable presence overseas.
  • The Revenue Audit Code with specific reference to voluntary disclosures and self-correction.
  • Research & Development – company corporation tax relief.
  • From an income tax perspective – the relief available for Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme investments and employee incentive schemes.
  • Stamp duty reliefs – both corporate transfers and individuals.
  • VAT – to include the VAT on property regime and VAT on intercommunity acquisitions/despatches and also imports/exports.

As part of this revision course we also provide an EXAM CORRECTING SERVICE.

Why is this so important?

If you've ever left the exam hall thinking you'd done well and subsequently been disappointed by your results, this may mean one or all of the following:
  1. you're not giving the right information to pass i.e. your answers are not hitting the areas for which marks are allocated.  Remember there's no point in writing pages and pages if your answers are not focusing on what the Examiner's looking for.
  2. your answers are not clear enough to show a solid tax knowledge i.e. your answers are drifting from the points required and are not relevant to the questions being asked so the Examiner is unsure if you really understand Advanced Taxation.
  3. you're hitting the main points but not delving deeper in to the particular section of legislation to show a strong, professional tax knowledge i.e. you might find you list out the conditions but don't relate them back to the exam question or perhaps you outline the requirements but don't give your conclusion as to the appropriate action to take thereby missing out vital tax planning opportunities which could bring you over the line and PASS.
  4. your answers are vague and non committal i.e. you're not showing the Examiner that you're capable of giving well thought out, practical, professional advice based on the facts of the exam question.
As a result, we will provide you with a number of exam questions which we will then correct for you.  As part of this exercise detailed feedback will be provided to let you know if you're on the right track as well as to help you undo any bad habits before the exam.

This course is aimed at giving you the best possible chance of PASSING your P2 (Advanced Taxation) Exams.


Our two day revision courses will run on the following dates:

  1. Saturday 7th July and Sunday 8th July - BOOKED OUT
  2. Saturday 14th July and Sunday 15th July - SOME PLACES AVAILABLE

As our courses only cater for a maximum of twenty students, please make sure you book early.

For further information regarding the content and format of our training courses, please contact us by telephone (01 - 872 8561) or email (info@taxgrinds.ie)

Timetables are provisional and are subject to change.

Courses will be run subject to demand.

Payment in full required to confirm booking.

Course Cost:


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