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Qualification: FAE Tax Elective


Exam Date: 2016


Did you sit your FAE Tax Elective in 2016?

Were you disappointed with the results?

Do you believe you have a good understanding of the Tax Syllabus yet your results don’t reflect this?

Sometimes not passing the exam is simply down to:

• Poor exam technique i.e. bad time management skills, not identifying the indicators, etc.
• Not providing the information required by the Examiner i.e. not outlining the relevant conditions of a particular relief and as a result failing to identify the correct tax treatment.

So what can you do?

We will be holding a series of one day seminars on “Answering Exam Questions Properly” which will consist of:

• Analysing previously unseen exam questions to identify the salient points i.e. what should you look out for in any given situation / what words and phrases are important / why did the Examiner include them in the question?

• Working out how to identify the relevant tax heads when under exam pressure i.e. if you can identify the tax head you can identify the tax reliefs and exemptions.

• How to structure your answers so that you don’t leave anything out i.e. how much detail should you give in your answer / is what you've written accurate and relevant / what else could you have written to gain maximum marks and ensure you pass?

• How to write the comprehensive exam answer that covers all the points required by the Examiner to ensure you PASS YOUR EXAM.

It’s not enough to possess a strong understanding of Tax, you must convince the Examiner of how much you know.

Always remember, you wouldn't have got this far if you weren't well capable of passing your Accountancy Qualification so perhaps fine tuning your exam technique is all that stands between you and your professional qualification


We will be running this one day course on the follow dates:

  • 28th January 2017 - BOOKED OUT
  • 25th February 2017 - BOOKED OUT
  • 1st  April 2017 - BOOKED OUT
  • 27th May 2017
  • 24th June 2017

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