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Professional Exams 2020

Qualification: CAP 1 -

Subject: Taxation (RoI) - Paper 5

Exam Date: Week commencing on 31st August 2020


Our two day intensive revision course will focus on the following:

  1. Computation of the income tax payable by individuals, including married couples and civil partnerships, under single, joint and separate assessment.  By the end of this Revision Course you should be able to apply reliefs and credits, including: (a) Relief for contributions to approved pension schemes, •(b) Relief for retirement annuity contributions (excluding dependent’s contributions), (c) Relief for maintenance payments for divorced and separated couples/civil partners, (d) Relief for covenant payments, (e) Relief for childcare services, (f) Low income exemption (excluding marginal relief), (g) Basic principles of the Artists’ Exemption, (h) Relief for health expenses, permanent health insurance and employment of carer, (i) Distinction between non-refundable / refundable tax credits and (j) Reliefs on medical insurance.
  2. Trade & Professional Income including (a) The “Badges of Trade” (with specified case law examples), (b) Computation of tax adjusted trading/professional profits, (c) Explanation and application of the basis of assessment including commencement, cessation and change of accounting date, (d) Computation of the taxation liability of partners in a partnership (including allocation of losses to partners), (e) Determination of whether assets qualify for capital allowances, including industrial buildings allowances, and compute the capital allowances available, (f) Determination of relief for losses, including losses on commencement and losses on cessation, (g) Calculation of Professional Services Withholding Tax and (h) Calculation of Relevant Contracts Tax.
  3. Interest including (a) the scope of Schedule D, Cases III and IV, as they apply to Irish interest income, (b) the bases of assessment for Schedule D, Cases III and IV, as specified, (c) the taxation treatment of deposit interest received from financial institutions subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax and (d) covenant income.
  4. Irish Rental Income including (a) the scope of Schedule D Case V, (b) the basis of assessment for Schedule D Case V, (c) the taxation consequences of receiving and paying premiums on
    short leases (excluding deemed premiums and reverse premiums), (d) computation of Case V profits, (e) the operation of rent-a-room relief, (f) how rental losses can be utilised, (g) Computation of capital allowances available for offset against rental income
  5. Employment Income
  6. Irish Dividends
  7. Local Property Tax
  8. Corporation Tax including (a) the operation of the self-assessment system, including payment of tax, penalties, surcharges, interest and filing of returns, (b) providing advice on straightforward ethical dilemmas which can arise when dealing with corporate taxation and understand the difference between tax planning, tax avoidance and tax evasion, (c) Compute tax adjusted profits, (d) Determining whether assets qualify for capital allowances, including industrial buildings allowances, and compute the capital allowances available, (e) Determining the appropriate rate of corporation tax depending on the classification of income, (f) Corporation tax exemption for new start-up companies , (g) Calculation of the corporation tax or CGT arising on companies’
    chargeable gains and losses and (h) applying the rules regarding special pension contributions.
  9. Annual Payments and Charges
  10. Treatment of Corporation Tax Losses
  11. Terminal Loss Relief (excluding the interaction of charges with terminal loss relief)
  12. Capital Gains Tax including: (a) Development land, (b) Common Reliefs from CGT, (c) Disposal of Chattels, (d) Capital Losses and (e) Assets Passing on Death
  13. Value Added Tax - (a) Applying the general principles for the administration of and computation of VAT, (b) Identifying transactions attracting a VAT charge, (c) Calculating the VAT liability of a business and (d) Detailing the timing and manner of payments required
We provide all relevant material so all you need to bring with you is a pen and paper.


We will be running a series of two Day Courses on the following dates:

  • Saturday, 25th and Sunday, 26th July 2020 - FULLY BOOKED
  • Saturday, 8th and Sunday, 9th August 2020 - FULLY BOOKED



Timetables are provisional and subject to change.

Courses will only run subject to demand.


Course Cost:


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